Case Study: Mamajamas


Mamajamas is a baby registry built for the busy mom-to-be. With Mamajamas, you can browse the baby registries of your friends and other expectant parents, read reviews of products they’ve purchased, and automatically import items from their registries to your own.

When Angie, the founder of Mamajamas, first reached out to me, she was struggling to get her product in front of more expecting parents. Specifically, she wanted to grow awareness among prospective users through Facebook advertising campaigns, and achieve a higher conversion rate to increase her ROI.


The Challenge

Despite previous attempts to leverage Facebook ads for her business, Angie was having difficulty getting the ads in front of the right audience, in order to capture the conversion rates she was looking for.

Facebook, not surprisingly, doesn’t have many options for targeting pregnant women, so this proved to be a challenge initially. We started off by running some campaigns with fairly broad targeting, showing ads to women in their late 20s through early 40s with interests in “Motherhood” and “Parenting”, but we found that this targeting just wasn’t yielding high enough click-through and conversion rates.

We needed to get smarter about how we were targeting. I built 2 new campaigns that targeted lookalike audiences:

- People who are similar to Mamajamas’ Facebook fans

- People who are similar to the existing Mamajamas users.

Wow, did this new targeting take the campaigns in a whole new direction! Take a look at the results we saw from these new campaigns below.



In only 2 days, we were already seeing fantastic results.

Facebook Fans Lookalikes:

  • Total spent: $383.54

  • Total conversions: 22

  • Cost per conversion: $17.42

Existing Users Lookalikes:

  • Total spent: $363.34

  • Total conversions: 25

  • Cost per conversion: $14.53


Our previous campaign, which had targeted married females with interests in Parenting or Motherhood, had only generated 2 conversions on a $275 spend, yielding a $137.50 cost-per-conversion. With this new targeting, we were able to decrease cost-per-conversion by 88% to an average of $16 per new user.


After testing several ad variations across these two campaigns, it was clear that the ad below was our top performer, bringing in 153 conversions over 3 weeks, and averaging $18.63/conversion.

Through innovative targeting techniques, ad copy testing, and campaign optimization, we were able to expand Mamajamas' reach, achieve a strong cost-per-acquisition, and increase volume of new users.


Angie Schiavoni, Founder of Mamajamas

Angie Schiavoni, Founder of Mamajamas

What Angie Says:

“Sarah recently developed a successful Facebook ad campaign for me. She not only created the ad copy, but was able to monitor and optimize the campaign in order to yield a lower cost-per-acquisition than even I expected. She has deep domain expertise in many aspects of product marketing. She’s also proactive and dependable. I would highly recommend hiring her if you have any product marketing needs.”

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