Case Study: Dunwello


Dunwello is a platform that allows beauty & fitness professionals to collect recommendations from their existing customers, and attract new customers to help grow their small businesses. Boston-area residents can also use Dunwello to find the best professionals in their region.

When Matt, the CEO of Dunwello, first reached out to me, they did not have many acquisition marketing efforts in place. They were looking to experiment with some paid advertising campaigns with the goal of acquiring more new users by getting beauty & fitness professionals to create Dunwello profiles.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge that Dunwello faced was acquiring a sizable volume of new users from a very narrow audience. Dunwello had only rolled out to the Boston area, and within that region, they were only targeting a specific set of professions. On top of that, many beauty professionals and fitness instructors do not list their profession on their Facebook profiles, thereby eliminating themselves from the audience we were able to reach.

Dunwello's goal was to reach as many folks in their target audience as possible in order to get more new users who fit their criteria. The aim was to saturate as many professional categories as possible by hitting 50 or more pros in each category.

Working with limited targeting options, I decided to test out a number of different approaches.

I created 28 different ad campaigns:

- 17 targeted a single professional category
- 4 targeted the beauty or fitness industry more broadly
- 3 promoted content
- 2 promoted app installs
- 1 targeted lookalikes of Dunwello’s Facebook fans
- 1 retargeted Dunwello’s website visitors

When we started running the campaigns, we were directing all traffic to a single landing page that didn't cater to any specific profession. I quickly identified this as a major opportunity to increase conversion rates, so I created some new dedicated landing pages, each one with language, images, and examples geared toward each specific category.



Through these Facebook campaigns, I was able to drive over 8,000 website visits and 174 new users for Dunwello.

Acquisition of these new users meant that Dunwello saturated 4 professional categories: Estheticians, Makeup Artists, Massage Therapists, & Photographers.

By testing of a variety of images and ad copy, I was able to to identify and implement the most effective ads in each campaign, leading to an increase in the number of conversions we were able to generate.

This was our top-performing ad, generating 20 new users from the Hair Stylists category.

This was our top-performing ad, generating 20 new users from the Hair Stylists category.

We also ran a small but successful mobile app install campaign through Facebook, to help acquire new users for Dunwello's mobile app.

This specific mobile app install ad generated 7 mobile installs.

This specific mobile app install ad generated 7 mobile installs.

By running well-targeted and optimized Facebook ads, we were able to leverage Dunwello's low-volume audience to attract new users to the platform and successfully saturate 4 categories.


Sara Sigel, Head of Community at Dunwello

Sara Sigel, Head of Community at Dunwello

What Sara Says:

Sarah came to us through a referral from one of our trusted marketing friends. She helped our team gain exposure in 4 new industries that we were targeting and were an important part to hitting our quarterly goals. She's proactive, self-driven, and continually helped us push in the right directions for our paid marketing campaigns. Her reporting was thorough and helped us work together to see where we could improve and what would be the best use of her time. I would bring her in anytime to help with paid marketing strategy and execution.

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