“We reached out to Sarah to help out with paid acquisition. She was able to dive right in to propose and execute a set of initial tests to  prove out which channels were the most effective . Through her thorough analysis, she was able to focus on retargeting through Facebook as the top performing channel that she continuously   optimized with a roadmap of tests. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah as  someone who can jump right into a project, take the initiative to define clear deliverables, and execute against a number of solutions .”  — Stephen Yang, Growth Marketing Manager, Skillshare
 “Sarah is a wonderful person to work with and has made a tremendous impact on our digital marketing, especially with our Facebook Ads strategy. She's knowledgable and creative, diligent and hard-working, and I  have always been able to rely on her to develop effective campaigns, even when it's last minute and with little direction.  I've really enjoyed working with her!”  — Sam Mazaheri, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Udacity
 “Sarah worked with my startup to establish a paid digital marketing strategy from scratch.  What impressed me the most was her process of educating the team  as well as providing us with facts & recommendations on how to proceed with our different marketing channels. She  exceeded our expectations  in the delivery of our marketing and in the process taught us a lot about our marketing strategy and demographic.”  — Darion Miller, Co-founder, Hinterlands
 “We hired Sarah to help out with some SEM that we didn't have the capacity to pursue. She is a pro! She was  thorough, detailed, reliable, and helped us deliver great results for our client . She's really talented and  I recommend you put her on your short list .”  — Ryan Malone, Founder & CEO, SmartBug Media
 "Sarah came to us through a referral from one of our trusted marketing friends. She helped our team gain exposure in 4 new industries that we were targeting and were an important part to hitting our quarterly goals. She's  proactive, self-driven, and continually helped us push in the right directions for our paid marketing campaigns . Her reporting was thorough and helped us work together to see where we could improve and what would be the best use of her time. I would bring her in anytime to help with paid marketing strategy and execution."  — Sara Sigel, Head of Community, Dunwello
 “Before hiring Sarah, I interviewed numerous digital marketing firms, big and small, that all offered the "canned" boiler plate solutions to how they were going to turn our online marketing around.  Sarah is different -- she is not bombastic, but is confident, knowledgable and thoughtful in her approach.   I highly recommend working with Sarah for any online marketing project - whether lead generation, lead conversion, or broader strategy work. I am sure we will be working with her again.”  — Derek Perlman, Co-Head of School, Teddy Bear Club
 “I highly recommend Sarah's work as a Marketing Strategy Consultant. We hired her to create and test social media marketing campaigns as well as build an email marketing campaign.  She understood what we needed and was able to execute not only the analytics but the actual campaign assets and set-up, which saved our team a lot of time and energy . She was prompt with communication and follow-through. A true professional to work with.”  — Kathryn Carlson, Founder of Buca Boot
 “Sarah recently developed a successful facebook ad campaign for me. She not only created the ad copy, but was able to monitor and optimize the campaign in order to  yield a lower cost-per-acquisition than even I expected . She has deep domain expertise in many aspects of product marketing. She’s also proactive and dependable. I would highly recommend hiring her if you have any product marketing needs.”  — Angie Schiavoni, Founder of Mamajamas
 “ Our experience working with Sarah was fantastic.  Not only had she familiarized herself with our company, but she was also very direct in her approach to giving advice. She shared her own experiences when useful and relevant and  gave actionable tips  that we look forward to trying out.”  — Rakesh Soni, Cofounder & CEO of LoginRadius
 “Sarah was an incredible addition to our small premiere task force of studioD content marketing bloggers. She quickly found a niche, becoming  our go-to expert for all things lead nurturing, email marketing, social media and more . Sarah is also incredibly reliable, turning in consistently high-quality, well-edited and clear writing - always on deadline (and usually ahead!).”  — Emily Faget, Senior Content Marketer, studioD
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